Capacitor Tantalum Solid - AVX
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Electronic Part Summary

Date Released 11/13/2012
New Product Description AVX Corporation has recently developed two new series of TES molded tantalum and TCH hermetically sealed SMD tantalum polymer hi-rel capacitors offering very low ESR, high capacitance and high voltage, the (TES).
Product Announcement 301200405B157KC0040  New Product Announcement
Part number 301200405B157KC0040
Manufacturer AVX
Product Type Capacitor Tantalum Solid
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Datasheet 301200405B157KC0040 Datasheet
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301200405B157KC0040 and AVX Information

Manufactured by AVX, 301200405B157KC0040 is a Capacitor Tantalum Solid. AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic components and Interconnects. Browse more parts by AVX.

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