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Electronic Part Summary

Part number 50RX50220M12.5X20
Manufacturer Rubycon
Product Type Capacitor Aluminum
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Datasheet 50RX50220M12.5X20 Datasheet
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50RX50220M12.5X20 and Rubycon Information

Manufactured by Rubycon, 50RX50220M12.5X20 is a Capacitor Aluminum. Rubycon develops, manufactures and sells various kinds of switching power supply units, high reliability, high performance and custom design, for various applications such as medical, light source, industrial use, etc., by utilizing our original circuit design techniques with know-how accumulated as a capacitor manufacturer. Browse more parts by Rubycon.

Related Names

50RX50220M12.5X20 RUBYCON - OK PER CUSTOMER50RX50220M12.5X20 IV. RUBYCON - 400MXC120M25X25
50RX50220M12.5X20 RUBYCON 35YXA4700M (LTB 31.10.2012)50RX50220M12.5X20 RUBYCON AMERICA, CALIFORNICA OFFICE
50RX50220M12.5X20 IV. RUBYCON - 400MXC330M30X4050RX50220M12.5X20 IV. RUBYCON - 400MXC270M35X30
50RX50220M12.5X20 IV. RUBYCON - 450MXG390M30X4550RX50220M12.5X20 IV. RUBYCON - 400MXC390M35X35
50RX50220M12.5X20 IV. RUBYCON - 200MXC680M30X3050RX50220M12.5X20 RUBYCON CARLIT CO., LTD.