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Electronic Part Summary

Date Released 02/15/2010
New Product Description C&K Components has developed AR5 Hall-effect contactless sensing analog rocker switches.
Product Announcement AR5C40/404ND26/261V100  New Product Announcement
Part number AR5C40/404ND26/261V100
Manufacturer C&K Components
Product Type Switch Rocker
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Datasheet AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 Datasheet
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AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 and C&K Components Information

Manufactured by C&K Components, AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 is a Switch Rocker. C&K Components is a leader in interface and switch technology as well as smart card and high reliability connector products. C&K offers more than 55,000 unique part numbers that are built, priced and delivered as standard catalog items, including a comprehensive range of toggle , rocker, pushbutton, rotary, key, slide, DIP, thumbwheel and illuminated switch products, along with smart card and high-reliability connectors. Browse more parts by C&K Components.

Related Names

AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C&K - ROHSAR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C&K COMPONENTS CORPORATION
AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C&K (ADDED)AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C&K (PRICE INCREASED BY OEM)
AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C&K (PRICE INCREASED BY OEM, 10/5/14)AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C&K (SWITCH)
AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C&K (OBSOLETE)AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C&K COMPONENTS,INC
AR5C40/404ND26/261V100 C_KCOMPONENTSAR5C40/404ND26/261V100 "C&K COMPONENTS, INC."