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Electronic Part Summary

Date Released 02/15/2010
New Product Description C&K Components has developed AR5 Hall-effect contactless sensing analog rocker switches.
Product Announcement AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200  New Product Announcement
Part number AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200
Manufacturer C&K
Product Type Switch Rocker
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Datasheet AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 Datasheet
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AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 and C&K Information

Manufactured by C&K, AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 is a Switch Rocker. Founded in 1928, C&K is one of the world's most trusted brands of high-quality electromechanical switches. The company's unmatched custom design capabilities are recognized globally by design engineers who demand reliable switch performance. C&K offers more than 55,000 standard products and 8.5 million switch combinations to companies that design, manufacture and distribute electronics products. Used in automotive, industrial, IoT, wearables, medical, telecom, consumer products, aerospace, and POS terminals, C&K products include tactile, pushbutton, snap-acting, toggle, rocker, detect, DIP, keyswitch, navigation, rotary, slide, switchlock, thumbwheel, smart card readers, high-rel connectors and custom assemblies. Browse more parts by C&K.

Related Names

AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 COMAX INDUSTRIALAR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 COMAX INDUSTRIAL CO, LTD
AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 """"""""""COMAX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD""""""""""AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 "COMAX INDUSTRIAL CO, LTD"
AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 "COMAX INDUSTRIAL CO LTD"AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 "COMAX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD."
AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 """""COMAX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD"""""AR5C40/406ND26/26L32/320V200 ""COMAX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD""