Capacitor Film - TDK
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Electronic Part Summary

Date Released 02/19/2013
New Product Description TDK Corporation presents EPCOS MKP film capacitors of the B3267P series with a significantly reduced volume.
Product Announcement B32671P6184J150  New Product Announcement
Part number B32671P6184J150
Manufacturer TDK
Product Type Capacitor Film
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Datasheet B32671P6184J150 Datasheet
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B32671P6184J150 and TDK Information

Manufactured by TDK, B32671P6184J150 is a Capacitor Film. TDK is one of the largest electronic components manufacturers in the world, with sales offices and manufacturing bases in more than 130 locations in over 30 countries and regions around the world. Browse more parts by TDK.

Related Names

B32671P6184J150 """"EPCOS, INC""""B32671P6184J150 ""EPCOS AG""
B32671P6184J150 ""EPSO""B32671P6184J150 ""EPCOS AG-1734""
B32671P6184J150 ""EPOCS MANUFACTURING INC""B32671P6184J150 """"""""""EPCOS, INC""""""""""
B32671P6184J150 ""EPCOS INC""B32671P6184J150 ""EPCOS INC.""
B32671P6184J150 ""EPCOS-AG""B32671P6184J150 ""EPCOS AG-EY62""