Crystals - Micro Crystal AG
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Electronic Part Summary

Part number CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB
Manufacturer Micro Crystal AG
Product Type Crystals
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Datasheet CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB Datasheet
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CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB and Micro Crystal AG Information

Manufactured by Micro Crystal AG, CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB is a Crystals. Micro Crystal AG, a company of the Swatch Group Inc. Switzerland, was founded in 1978 in Grenchen, Switzerland, as a producer of Tuning Fork Crystals for watches. Browse more parts by Micro Crystal AG.

Related Names

CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB ""MICRO CRISTAL SWITZERLAND""CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB "MICRO CRYSTAL INC"
CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB "MICRO CRYSTAL SA"CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB "MICRO CRYSTAL ETA"
CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB ""MICRO CRYSTAL SWITZERLAND""CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB ""MICRO CRYSTAL AG""
CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB ""MICRO CRYSTAL ETA""CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB "MICRO CRYSTAL AG (THE SWATCH GROUP)"
CC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB MICRO CRYSTA LCC6F-T1A249.9963MHz16pF+/-50ppmTB ""MICRO-CRYSTAL""