DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1

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Electronic Part Summary

Date Released 05/07/2013
New Product Description ASSMANN Electronic announced the new DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1, DIGITUS Network Cabinet Unique Series - 800mm x 1000mmm (WxD).
Product Announcement DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1  New Product Announcement
Part number DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1
Manufacturer ASSMANN Electronic
Product Type Misc Products
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Datasheet DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 Datasheet
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DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 and ASSMANN Electronic Information

Manufactured by ASSMANN Electronic, DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 is a Misc Products. The ASSMANN Group is based on the pioneering spirit of the company founder Dieter Assmann. The graduate diploma in business administration founded the company in 1969 under the name of Assmann KG. In the early years it's founding, he and his friends manufactured plug connectors, which they initially heat-treated in an oven. Dieter Assmann handed the management functions at an early stage at the age of 65 year in the form of a two-stage succession plan to his sons Stephan Assmann and Florian Assmann. On the 30th of October 2008, the company founder Dieter Assmann died. Since 2010 the third managing director Karola Bode is responsible for the business areas of marketing and sales.Today the ASSMANN Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of high quality components for the electronic industry with more than 350 employees worldwide. Browse more parts by ASSMANN Electronic.

Related Names

DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 "ASSMANN ELEC. INC"DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 "ASSMANN ELEC"
DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 "ASSMANN F W AND SOEHNE"DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 "ASSMANN ELEC"
DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 "ASSMAN ELECTRONICS"DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 "ASSMANN INC."
DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 "C3189"DN-19 42U-8/10-B-1 "ASSMAN ELECTRONICS INC"