Capacitor Aluminum - E Tronic
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Electronic Part Summary

Date Released 05/21/2015
New Product Description E Tronic announced the new EDEA DIP Capacitors.
Product Announcement EDEA1012-331M-160  New Product Announcement
Part number EDEA1012-331M-160
Manufacturer E Tronic
Product Type Capacitor Aluminum
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Datasheet EDEA1012-331M-160 Datasheet
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EDEA1012-331M-160 and E Tronic Information

Manufactured by E Tronic, EDEA1012-331M-160 is a Capacitor Aluminum. The E Tronic Corp was founded on April, 1996, and has been ranked as a famous professional manufacturer specializing in exploitation and manufacture of the Chip Bead and Chip Inductor as a leading status in its field. Browse more parts by E Tronic.

Related Names

EDEA1012-331M-160 "ETRONIC"EDEA1012-331M-160 ETRONIC TEAM CO., LTD.
EDEA1012-331M-160 "E TRONIC"EDEA1012-331M-160 "E-TRONIC"
EDEA1012-331M-160 "E TRONIC USA"EDEA1012-331M-160 E TRONIC USA
EDEA1012-331M-160 ETRONICEDEA1012-331M-160 ETRONIC US