Capacitor Aluminum - Kendeil
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Electronic Part Summary

Date Released 05/20/2014
New Product Description Kendeil announced new products of power electronic capacitors for all the high-power inverter applications.
Product Announcement K025004720HM0J143  New Product Announcement
Part number K025004720HM0J143
Manufacturer Kendeil
Product Type Capacitor Aluminum
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Datasheet K025004720HM0J143 Datasheet
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K025004720HM0J143 and Kendeil Information

Manufactured by Kendeil, K025004720HM0J143 is a Capacitor Aluminum. Kendeil Group is one of leading producers of power electronic components for all high-power inverter applications, such as wind and solar power, industrial motor drives, UPS, battery chargers and aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors (Satma ppc brand). Browse more parts by Kendeil.

Related Names

K025004720HM0J143 "KENDEIL SRL"K025004720HM0J143 KENDEIL
K025004720HM0J143 "KENDEIL"K025004720HM0J143 ""KENDEIL""
K025004720HM0J143 AJ994K025004720HM0J143 KENDEIL SRL