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Electronic Part Summary

Date Released 08/30/2010
New Product Description KOA Speer Electronics introduces a new Thin film resistance thermal sensor
Product Announcement LP1/16CT26A152F502  New Product Announcement
Part number LP1/16CT26A152F502
Manufacturer KOA Speer Electronics
Product Type Resistor Fixed Single-Through Hole
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Datasheet LP1/16CT26A152F502 Datasheet
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LP1/16CT26A152F502 and KOA Speer Electronics Information

Manufactured by KOA Speer Electronics, LP1/16CT26A152F502 is a Resistor Fixed Single-Through Hole. KOA Corporation strives to be a world leader in the technology and operational systems of manufacturing. We design and/or modify most of our production equipment to maximize work flow, speed and accuracy. Browse more parts by KOA Speer Electronics.

Related Names

LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KOA-SPEER ELECTRONIC CORP""LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KOA:""
LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KOA (CALL OUT PER TTI)""LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KOA SPEER      ""
LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KOA SP""LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KOA S63-BLKG""
LP1/16CT26A152F502 """"""KOA SPEER ELECTRONICS, INC""""""LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KONTES""
LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KOA SPEER 7""LP1/16CT26A152F502 ""KOA CORPORATION""