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Electronic Part Summary

Part number MP2-392G0700AT2158
Manufacturer Hua Jung Components
Product Type Capacitor Film
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Datasheet MP2-392G0700AT2158 Datasheet
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MP2-392G0700AT2158 and Hua Jung Components Information

Manufactured by Hua Jung Components, MP2-392G0700AT2158 is a Capacitor Film. Hua Jung Components Co., Ltd was established in 1983 and initial public offering in 1997 in Taiwan. We are one of the leading of Film capacitor manufacturer. Our factory is located Dongguan, China with global total employee of 1000 people. Browse more parts by Hua Jung Components.

Related Names

MP2-392G0700AT2158 "HUA JUNG COMPONENTS CO,. LTD"MP2-392G0700AT2158 ""HUAJUNG""
MP2-392G0700AT2158 "HJC"MP2-392G0700AT2158 """HUA JUNG COMPONENTS (GUANGDONG) CO., LTD."""
MP2-392G0700AT2158 "HUA JUNG CO LTD"MP2-392G0700AT2158 """HUA JUNG COMPONENTS CO.,LTD"""
MP2-392G0700AT2158 "HUA JUNG"MP2-392G0700AT2158 "HUA JUNG COMPONENTS, LTD"