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Date Released 01/15/2011
New Product Description NOVACAP introduces the new RF1111 SERIES CAPACITORS.
Product Announcement RF1111X273M500X102Y  New Product Announcement
Part number RF1111X273M500X102Y
Manufacturer NOVACAP
Product Type Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer
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Datasheet RF1111X273M500X102Y Datasheet
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RF1111X273M500X102Y and NOVACAP Information

Manufactured by NOVACAP, RF1111X273M500X102Y is a Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer. NOVACAP, is an ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer of specialty multilayer capacitor products. Specialties include capacitor arrays, radial leaded capacitors, pulsed power capacitors for detonation circuitry, oil exploration circuitry, photo flash, laser, power interruption and power storage modules. Browse more parts by NOVACAP.

Related Names

RF1111X273M500X102Y ""NOVACAP INC.""RF1111X273M500X102Y ""NOVACAP""
RF1111X273M500X102Y ""NOVACAP (65238)""RF1111X273M500X102Y NOVACAP INCORPORATE D
RF1111X273M500X102Y ""NOVC""RF1111X273M500X102Y ""NOVA CAP""
RF1111X273M500X102Y NOVACAP INCORPORA TEDRF1111X273M500X102Y ""NVP""