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Electronic Part Summary

Part number RN 1/4T24700.1%
Manufacturer Stackpole Electronics
Product Type Resistor Fixed Single-Through Hole
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Datasheet RN 1/4T24700.1% Datasheet
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RN 1/4T24700.1% and Stackpole Electronics Information

Manufactured by Stackpole Electronics, RN 1/4T24700.1% is a Resistor Fixed Single-Through Hole. Founded in 1928, Stackpole Electronics is a leading global manufacturer of resistive components including Thick and Thin Film Surface Mount resistors, Axial Leaded and Wirewound resistors, Current Sense resistors, Varistors, Inductors and various Power Resistors. Click the Spec Finder above to see a summary of our products. Browse more parts by Stackpole Electronics.

Related Names

RN 1/4T24700.1% "5CGT2"RN 1/4T24700.1% "STACKPOLE-CARBON-CO"
RN 1/4T24700.1% "SEI ELECTRONICS/STACKPOLE"RN 1/4T24700.1% "SEI:"
RN 1/4T24700.1% "SEI STACKPOLE"RN 1/4T24700.1% "SEI ELECTRIC"
RN 1/4T24700.1% "STACKPOLE      "RN 1/4T24700.1% "STACKPOLE SEI"
RN 1/4T24700.1% "@STACKPOLE"RN 1/4T24700.1% "SEI STACKPOLE  "