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Electronic Part Summary

Part number X465 .0068-1-400
Manufacturer ShiZuki Electric Group
Product Type Capacitor Film
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Datasheet X465 .0068-1-400 Datasheet
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X465 .0068-1-400 and ShiZuki Electric Group Information

Manufactured by ShiZuki Electric Group, X465 .0068-1-400 is a Capacitor Film. Shizuki Electric provides new products of capacitor components, integrated modules, electrical instrument devices, as well as for IT applications. Browse more parts by ShiZuki Electric Group.

Related Names

X465 .0068-1-400 AMERICANSHIZX465 .0068-1-400 "SHIZUKI ELECTRIC GROUP"
X465 .0068-1-400 "ASCCAP"X465 .0068-1-400 ""AMERICAN SHIZUKI CORPORATION""
X465 .0068-1-400 ""ASC""X465 .0068-1-400 "AMERICAN SHIZUKI"
X465 .0068-1-400 "ASC (AMERICAN SHIZUKI CO)"X465 .0068-1-400 ""AMERICAN SHIZUKI COR""
X465 .0068-1-400 "AMERICAN SHIZUKI COR"X465 .0068-1-400 ""AMERICAN-SHIZUKI-CORP""