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Product Line
RoHS Status
Number of Outputs per Chip
Clock Input Frequency
Number of DACs
Number of Outputs
Digital Interface Type
Digital Supply Support
Tuning Word Width
Package Family Name
Output Type
User RAM
Time Format
Date Format
Bus Type
Data Rate
Protocols Supported
Process Technology
Number of Internal Timers
Maximum Low Level Output Current
Maximum High Level Output Current
Number of Elements per Chip
Operating Frequency Range
Output Frequency Range
Number of Inputs
Minimum Input Frequency
Minimum Output Frequency
Maximum Cycle to Cycle Jitter
Maximum Fall Time
Maximum Rise Time
Maximum Duty Cycle
Number of Taps
Number of Independent Delay Inputs
Increment Range
Maximum Delay Time Range
Typical Oscillator Frequency
Maximum Input Frequency
Supported Device
Spread Spectrum
Supported Device Technology
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage
Typical Operating Supply Voltage
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage
Interface Type
Maximum Power Dissipation
Output Logic Level
Output Signal Type
Input Logic Level
Input Signal Type
Maximum Output Frequency
Maximum Output Skew
Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Temperature
Pin Count
Supplier Package
MIC1555YM5-TRMIC1555YM5-TRStandard Timer Single -40°C 85°C 5-Pin SOT-23 T/RpdfTimersYesTape and ReelSOTCMOS120 mA-20 mAMicrochip TechnologyStandard2.7 V3.3|5|9|12|15 V18 VCMOSSingle-Ended-40 °C85 °C5SOT-23
CDCLVD1213RGTTCDCLVD1213RGTTClock Divider Buffer 8-OUT 1-IN 1:1/1:3 16-Pin VQFN EP T/RpdfClock Buffers and DriversYesTape and Reel8QFNTexas InstrumentsDivider Buffer800 MHzNo2.375 V2.5 V2.625 VLVDSCML|LVDS|LVPECLDifferential800 MHz-40 °C85 °C16VQFN EP
CY2308SXI-1HCY2308SXI-1HZero Delay Buffer 8-Out LVCMOS Single-Ended 16-Pin SOIC TubepdfZero Delay BuffersYesTube8SOP110 MHz10 MHz100 ps1.25 ns1.5 ns60 %Infineon Technologies AGClock Driver133.3 MHzNo3 V3.3 V3.6 VLVCMOSSingle-EndedLVCMOS|LVTTLSingle-Ended133.3 MHz200 ps-40 °C85 °C16SOIC
MCP795W10-I/STMCP795W10-I/STReal Time Clock Serial 64byte Clock/Calendar/Alarm/Interrupt/Watchdog Timer/Battery Backup Automotive 14-Pin TSSOP TubepdfReal Time ClocksYesTubeSOP64 byteHH:MM:SS:hhDW:DM:M:YSerial (SPI)Clock/Calendar/Alarm/Interrupt/Watchdog Timer/Battery BackupMicrochip Technology1.8 V2.5|3.3|5 V5.5 V-40 °C85 °C14TSSOP
CD4046BNSRCD4046BNSRCMOS Micropower phase locked looppdfClock Generators and SynthesizersYesTape and Reel2SOPTexas InstrumentsNo3 V18 VCMOSCMOS-55 °C125 °C16SOP
SN74LS292NSN74LS292NFrequency Dividers/Digital Timers 0°C to 70°C 16-Pin PDIP TubepdfLogic and Timing MiscYesTubeDIPTexas InstrumentsFrequency Dividers/Digital Timers0 °C70 °C16PDIP
SY89871UMGSY89871UMGClock Divider/Fanout Buffer 3-OUT 1-IN 1:1/1:2 16-Pin QFN EP TubepdfClock Buffers and DriversYesTube3QFN3200 MHz2500 MHzMicrochip TechnologyClock Divider/Fanout BufferNo2.375 V2.5|3.3 V3.63 VLVPECLDifferentialCML|HSTL|LVDS|LVPECLDifferential-40 °C85 °C16QFN EP
PL133-27GI-RPL133-27GI-RClock Fanout Buffer 2-OUT 1-IN 1:2 6-Pin DFN EP T/RpdfClock Buffers and DriversYesTape and Reel255% %Microchip TechnologyFanout Buffer150 MHzNo1.62 V1.8|2.5|3.3 V3.63 VLVCMOSLVCMOSSingle-Ended150 MHz-40 °C85 °C6DFN EP
PL138-48OIPL138-48OIClock Fanout Buffer 4-OUT 2-IN 1:4 20-Pin TSSOP TubepdfClock Buffers and DriversYesTube4SOPMicrochip TechnologyFanout BufferNo2.375 V2.5|3.3 V3.63 VLVPECLCML|HCSL|LVCMOS|LVDS|LVHSTL|LVPECL|SSTLDifferential700 MHz-40 °C85 °C20TSSOP
CDCVF2310PWRCDCVF2310PWRClock Fanout Buffer 10-OUT 1-IN 1:10 24-Pin TSSOP T/RpdfClock Buffers and DriversYesTape and Reel10SOPTexas InstrumentsFanout Buffer200 MHzNo2.3 V2.5|3.3 V3.6 VLVTTLSingle-EndedLVTTLSingle-Ended170 ps-40 °C85 °C24TSSOP
74AHC1G4210GWH74AHC1G4210GWH10-Stage Divider and oscillator -40°C to 125°C 5-Pin TSSOP T/RpdfLogic and Timing MiscYesTape and ReelSOPNexperia10-Stage Divider and oscillator-40 °C125 °C5TSSOP
74AHC1G4214GWH74AHC1G4214GWH14-Stage Divider and Oscillator -40°C to 125°C 5-Pin TSSOP T/RpdfLogic and Timing MiscYesTape and ReelSOPNexperia14-Stage Divider and Oscillator-40 °C125 °C5TSSOP
NB6L295MMNGNB6L295MMNGActive Programmable Delay Line 2-IN 0.011ns ABS 8.5ns MAX 24-Pin QFN EP TubepdfDelay LinesYesTubeQFN2<5 ns5 to 10 nsonsemi2.375 VActive Programmable Delay Line2.5|3.3 V3.6 V-40 °C85 °C24QFN EP
M41ST85WMH6FM41ST85WMH6FReal Time Clock Serial 64byte Clock/Calendar/Alarm/Supervisor 28-Pin SOH T/RpdfReal Time ClocksYes with ExemptionTape and ReelSOH64 byteHH:MM:SS:hhDW:DM:M:YSerial (2-Wire, I2C)Clock/Calendar/Alarm/SupervisorSTMicroelectronics2.7 V3.3 V3.6 V1000 mW-40 °C85 °C28SOH
CD4521BECD4521BEFrequency Divider -55°C to 125°C 16-Pin PDIP TubepdfLogic and Timing MiscYesTubeDIPTexas InstrumentsFrequency Divider-55 °C125 °C16PDIP
LMV112SD/NOPBLMV112SD/NOPBClock Fanout Buffer 2-OUT 2-IN 1:2 8-Pin WSON EP T/RpdfClock Buffers and DriversYesTape and Reel2SONTexas InstrumentsFanout BufferNo2.4 V2.5|3.3|5 V5 VSingle-EndedSingle-Ended42(Typ) MHz-40 °C85 °C8WSON EP
LMX2581SQE/NOPBLMX2581SQE/NOPBClock Generator 5MHz to 900MHz-IN 3760MHz-OUT 32-Pin WQFN EP T/RpdfClock Generators and SynthesizersYesTape and Reel25 to 900 MHzQFNTexas InstrumentsNo3.15 V3.3 V3.45 VDifferentialCMOSSingle-Ended3760 MHz-40 °C85 °C32WQFN EP
SA555DSA555DStandard Timer Single -40°C 85°C 8-Pin SOIC TubepdfTimersYesTubeSOP1200 mA-200 mATexas InstrumentsStandard4.5 V5|9|12|15 V16 VTTL-40 °C85 °C8SOIC
TPL5110DDCTTPL5110DDCTStandard Timer Single 6-Pin TSOT-23 T/RpdfTimersYesTape and ReelSOT-231Texas InstrumentsStandard1.8 V2.5|3.3|5 V5.5 V-40 °C105 °C6TSOT-23
CD4541BM96CD4541BM96Programmable Timer Single 14-Pin SOIC T/RpdfTimersYesTape and ReelSOPCMOS112.6(Min) mA-12.6(Min) mATexas InstrumentsProgrammable3 V3.3|5|9|12|15 V18 V100 mWHTL|TTL-55 °C125 °C14SOIC
CY2308SXI-2CY2308SXI-2Zero Delay Buffer 8-Out LVCMOS Single-Ended 16-Pin SOIC TubepdfZero Delay BuffersYesTube8SOP110 MHz10 MHz400 ps2.5 ns2.5 ns60 %Infineon Technologies AGClock Driver133.3 MHzNo3 V3.3 V3.6 VLVCMOSSingle-EndedLVCMOS|LVTTLSingle-Ended133.3 MHz200 ps-40 °C85 °C16SOIC
TPL5111DDCTTPL5111DDCTNano-Power System Timer for Power GatingpdfTimersYesTape and ReelSOT-23Texas Instruments6TSOT-23
CY2305SXC-1TCY2305SXC-1TZero Delay Buffer 5-Out LVCMOS Single-Ended 8-Pin SOIC N T/RpdfZero Delay BuffersYesTape and Reel5SOP110 MHz10 MHz200 ps2.5 ns2.5 ns60 %Infineon Technologies AGClock Driver133 MHzNo3 V3.3 V3.6 VLVCMOSSingle-EndedLVCMOS|LVTTLSingle-Ended133.33 MHz250 ps0 °C70 °C8SOIC N
74HC4046AD,65374HC4046AD,653Phase-locked loop with VCOpdfClock Generators and SynthesizersYesTape and Reel3CMOSNexperiaNo3 V3.3|5 V6 VSingle-EndedSingle-Ended-40 °C125 °C16SO
TLC2933AIPWTLC2933AIPWClock Generator 2Clock Inputs 14-Pin TSSOP TubepdfClock Generators and SynthesizersYesTube1SOPTexas InstrumentsNo2.85 V3|3.3|5 V5.25 VCMOS-20 °C75 °C14TSSOP
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