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Product Line
Maximum Drain Gate Voltage
Typical Gate Charge @ 10V
Maximum IDSS
Package Family Name
Output Power
Mode of Operation
Channel Type
Channel Mode
Number of Elements per Chip
Process Technology
Maximum Gate Threshold Voltage
Maximum Continuous Drain Current
Maximum Drain Source Voltage
Maximum Gate Source Voltage
Typical Gate Charge @ Vgs
Typical Input Capacitance @ Vds
Maximum Drain Source Resistance
Maximum Power Dissipation
Maximum Frequency
Minimum Frequency
Typical Output Capacitance
Typical Power Gain
Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Temperature
Pin Count
Supplier Package
RoHS Status
IRF1010NPBFIRF1010NPBFTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 55V 85A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET120(Max) nCTO-220TubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET4 V85 mA55 V±20 V120(Max)@10V nC3210@25V pF11@10V mOhm180000 mWSi-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes with Exemption
VP0808L-GVP0808L-GTrans MOSFET P-CH Si 80V 0.28A 3-Pin TO-92 BagpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTO-92BagMicrochip TechnologyPSingleEnhancement10.28 mA80 V±30 V150(Max)@25V pF5000@10V mOhm1000 mWSi-55 °C150 °C3TO-92Yes
IRF9520PbFIRF9520PbFTrans MOSFET P-CH 100V 6.8A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220ABpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET18(Max) nC100 uATO-220VishayPSingleEnhancement1HEXFET4 V6.8 mA100 V±20 V18(Max)@10V nC390@25V pF600@10V mOhm60000 mW170 pF-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes with Exemption
IRFP7430PBFIRFP7430PBFTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 40V 404A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-247AC TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET300 nC1 uATO-247TubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET3.9 V404 mA40 V±20 V300@10V nC14240@25V pF1.3@10V mOhm366000 mW2130 pFSi-55 °C175 °C3TO-247ACYes with Exemption
IRFHS8242TRPBFIRFHS8242TRPBFTrans MOSFET N-CH 25V 9.9A 6-Pin PQFN EP T/RpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET10.4 nCQFNTape and ReelInfineon Technologies AGNSingle Quad Drain Dual SourceEnhancement1HEXFET9.9 mA25 V±20 V4.3@5V|10.4@10V nC653@10V pF13@10V mOhm2100 mW-55 °C150 °C6PQFN EPYes
IRF9Z14PBFIRF9Z14PBFTrans MOSFET P-CH 60V 6.7A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220ABpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET12(Max) nCTO-220VishayPSingleEnhancement1TrenchFET4 V6.7 mA60 V±20 V12(Max)@10V nC270@25V pF500@10V mOhm43000 mW170 pF-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes
IRF1404LPBFIRF1404LPBFTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 40V 162A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-262 TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET160 nCI2PAKTubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET4 V162 mA40 V±20 V160@10V nC7360@25V pF4@10V mOhm3800 mWSi-55 °C175 °C3TO-262Yes with Exemption
IRFZ48NPBFIRFZ48NPBFTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 55V 64A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET81(Max) nCTO-220TubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET4 V64 mA55 V±20 V81(Max)@10V nC1970@25V pF14@10V mOhm130000 mWSi-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes with Exemption
IRLZ44NPBFIRLZ44NPBFTrans MOSFET N-CH 55V 47A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTO-220TubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET2 V47 mA55 V±16 V48(Max)@5V nC1700@25V pF22@10V mOhm110000 mW-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes with Exemption
IRFP9140NPBFIRFP9140NPBFTrans MOSFET P-CH 100V 23A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-247AC TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET97(Max) nC25 uATO-247TubeInfineon Technologies AGPSingleEnhancement1HEXFET4 V23 mA100 V±20 V97(Max)@10V nC1300@25V pF117@10V mOhm140000 mW400 pF-55 °C175 °C3TO-247ACYes with Exemption
IRF5210PBFIRF5210PBFTrans MOSFET P-CH 100V 40A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET180(Max) nC25 uATO-220TubeInfineon Technologies AGPSingleEnhancement1HEXFET4 V40 mA100 V±20 V180(Max)@10V nC2700@25V pF60@10V mOhm200000 mW790 pF-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes with Exemption
VN2460N3-GVN2460N3-GTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 600V 0.16A 3-Pin TO-92 BagpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTO-92BagMicrochip TechnologyNSingle Dual DrainEnhancement10.16 mA600 V±20 V150(Max)@25V pF20000@10V mOhm1000 mWSi-55 °C150 °C3TO-92Yes
IRLU3110ZPbFIRLU3110ZPbFTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 100V 63A 3-Pin(3+Tab) IPAK TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTO-251TubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET63 mA100 V±16 V34@4.5V nC3980@25V pF14@10V mOhm140000 mWSi-55 °C175 °C3IPAKYes with Exemption
IRLU3410PBFIRLU3410PBFTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 100V 17A 3-Pin(3+Tab) IPAK TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET2 V17 mA100 V±16 V34(Max)@5V nC800@25V pF105@10V mOhm79000 mWSi-55 °C175 °C3IPAKYes with Exemption
PMXB43UNEZPMXB43UNEZTrans MOSFET N-CH 20V 3.2A Automotive 3-Pin DFN-D EP T/RpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET1 uATape and ReelNexperiaNSingleEnhancement1TMOS0.9 V3.2 mA20 V8 V5.7@4.5V nC551@10V pF54@4.5V mOhm1070 mW-55 °C150 °C3DFN-D EPYes
TP2104N3-GTP2104N3-GTrans MOSFET P-CH Si 40V 0.175A 3-Pin TO-92 BagpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTO-92BagMicrochip TechnologyPSingleEnhancement10.175 mA40 V±20 V35@25V pF6000@10V mOhm740 mWSi-55 °C150 °C3TO-92Yes
IRLZ24NPBFIRLZ24NPBFTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 55V 18A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTO-220TubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET2 V18 mA55 V±16 V15(Max)@5V nC480@25V pF60@10V mOhm45000 mWSi-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes with Exemption
IRF9530NPBFIRF9530NPBFTrans MOSFET P-CH 100V 14A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET58(Max) nC25 uATO-220TubeInfineon Technologies AGPSingleEnhancement1HEXFET4 V14 mA100 V±20 V58(Max)@10V nC760@25V pF200@10V mOhm79000 mW260 pF-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes with Exemption
C2M0280120DC2M0280120DTrans MOSFET N-CH SiC 1.2KV 10A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-247pdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET100 uATO-247WOLFSPEED, INCNSingleEnhancement1C2M4 V10 mA1200 V25 V20.4@20V nC259@1000V pF370@20V mOhm62500 mW23 pFSiC-55 °C150 °C3TO-247Yes
VP2206N3-GVP2206N3-GTrans MOSFET P-CH Si 60V 0.64A 3-Pin TO-92 BagpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTO-92BagMicrochip TechnologyPSingleEnhancement13.5 V0.64 mA60 V±20 V325@25V pF900@10V mOhm740 mW125 pFSi-55 °C150 °C3TO-92Yes
TN2106N3-GTN2106N3-GTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 60V 0.3A 3-Pin TO-92 BagpdfMOSFETsPower MOSFETTO-92BagMicrochip TechnologyNSingleEnhancement1DMOS2 V0.3 mA60 V±20 V35@25V pF2500@10V mOhm740 mW17 pFSi-55 °C150 °C3TO-92Yes
IPP082N10NF2SAKMA1IPP082N10NF2SAKMA1Trans MOSFET N-CH 100V 15A TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET28 nCTubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1StrongIRFET15 mA100 V20 V28@10V nC2000@50V pF8.2@10V mOhm3800 mW-55 °C175 °CYes with Exemption
IPP050N10NF2SAKMA1IPP050N10NF2SAKMA1Trans MOSFET N-CH 100V 19.4A TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET51 nCTubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1StrongIRFET19.4 mA100 V20 V51@10V nC3600@50V pF5@10V mOhm3800 mW-55 °C175 °CYes with Exemption
IPP024N08NF2SAKMA1IPP024N08NF2SAKMA1Trans MOSFET N-CH 80V 28A TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET89 nCTubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1StrongIRFET28 mA80 V20 V89@10V nC6200@40V pF2.4@10V mOhm3800 mW-55 °C175 °CYes with Exemption
IRF520NPBFIRF520NPBFTrans MOSFET N-CH Si 100V 9.7A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB TubepdfMOSFETsPower MOSFET25(Max) nC25 uATO-220TubeInfineon Technologies AGNSingleEnhancement1HEXFET4 V9.7 mA100 V±20 V25(Max)@10V nC330@25V pF200@10V mOhm48000 mW92 pFSi-55 °C175 °C3TO-220ABYes with Exemption
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