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Product Line
Types of Tested Batteries
Maximum Voltage Measurement
Maximum Battery Capacity
Standard Package Name
RoHS Status
Package Family Name
AC Input Voltage
RPM Measurement Range
Battery Life
Measured Components
Battery Voltage Rating
Maximum AC Voltage Measurement
Maximum DC Voltage Measurement
Maximum AC Current Measurement
Maximum DC Current Measurement
Operation Mode
Maximum Voltage Rating
Maximum Current Rating
Maximum Power Rating
Maximum Inductance Measurement
Maximum Capacitance Measurement
Maximum ESR Measurement
Number of Displays
Maximum Input Current
Maximum Operating Supply Current
Display Digits
Input Type
Output Type
Number of Input Channels
Number of Output Channels
Maximum Sampling Rate
Interface Type
Pin Count
Number of DecadesResolutionMaximum Internal ResistanceMaximum Internal CapacitanceTest RangeMaximum Insulation Testing ResistanceMinimum Test VoltageMaximum Test VoltageCable TypeConnector Type
Display Type
Low Battery Indication
Maximum Resistance Measurement
Number of Outputs
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage
Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Temperature
Product Weight
Output Voltage
Maximum Output Current
Supplier Package
Maximum Output Power
CT20CT20Continuity Tester Pro For Wire and Cable Testing Both Local and RemotepdfSpecialized Test and MeasurementNoExtech InstrumentsContinuity Tester1Year9VDC-12 °C45 °C90x57x29 mm260 g
Fluke 1507Fluke 1507Insulation Resistance TesterpdfSpecialized Test and MeasurementNot RequiredFluke CorporationInsulation Resistance Tester-20 °C55 °C203x100x50 mm550 g
2703C2703CManual Ranging Tool Kit DMMpdfMultimetersYes750 V1000 V10 A3.5B&K PrecisionDigitalHandheldLCDYes20 Ohm3165x78x42.5 mm285 g
FLUKE-87V-MAXFLUKE-87V-MAXDigital MultimeterpdfMultimetersFluke Corporation
VDV501-851VDV501-851Cable Tester Kit with Scout Pro 3 TesterpdfSpecialized Test and MeasurementUnknownKlein ToolsCable Tester540 g
VDV526-052VDV526-052Lan Scout JR Tester Tests Twisted Pair Data Wiring ConnectionspdfSpecialized Test and MeasurementNot RequiredKlein Tools
H7CX-AW-N AC100-240H7CX-AW-N AC100-240Multifunction TachometerpdfTachometersUnknownOmron
RPM33RPM33Combination Contact Laser Photo TachometerpdfTachometersNo2 to 20000| 2 to 99999Extech InstrumentsContact|Non ContactLCD160x60x42 mm151 g
240-127240-127Portable USB Logic Analyzer and Digital Pattern GeneratorpdfSpecialized Test and MeasurementYesDigilentLogic Analyzer and Pattern Generator3.3V1.2V
5491B5491B50,000 Count True RMS Bench MultimeterpdfMultimetersYes750 V1000 V20 A20 A2B&K PrecisionDigitalBenchNo50 Ohm30 °C40 °C225x100x355 mm2500 g
Fluke 233Fluke 233Digital MultimeterpdfMultimetersNot RequiredFluke Corporation
IR400IR400IR Thermometer Handheld 9VpdfEnvironmental TestersNo9 VExtech InstrumentsIR ThermometerHandheldNo160x82x41.5 mm180 g
FLUKE-116FLUKE-116Digital Handheld 600VAC 600VDCpdfMultimetersNot Required600 V600 VFluke CorporationDigitalHandheld
SDL200SDL200Thermometer HandheldpdfEnvironmental TestersNoExtech InstrumentsThermometerHandheldNo182x73x47.5 mm500 g
CL800CL800Digital Clamp-ONpdfMultimetersUnknownKlein ToolsDigitalClamp-ONYes0 °C40 °C231x96.8x38.9 mm350 g
EX505-KEX505-KHeavy Duty Industrial MultiMeter KitpdfMultimetersNoExtech InstrumentsAnalogHandheldNo248x203x51 mm544 g
EMF450EMF450Multi-Field EMF MeterpdfEnvironmental TestersNoExtech Instruments
DM78CDM78CDigital MultimeterpdfMultimetersUnknownAmprobe
407730407730Sound Level Meter HandheldpdfEnvironmental TestersYesExtech InstrumentsSound Level MeterHandheldNo230x57x44 mm160 g
DMR35-DCMA1-DC1-RDMR35-DCMA1-DC1-RDC meter that provide precision measurements of DC currentpdfPanel MetersYes10 mA3.5Murata ManufacturingDigitalLED32VDC9VDC0 °C50 °C65 g
DMR35-DCMA4-DC1-RDMR35-DCMA4-DC1-RDC meter that provide precision measurements of DC currentpdfPanel MetersYes1000 mA3.5Murata ManufacturingDigitalLED32VDC9VDC0 °C50 °C65 g
574574Panel Current Meter 0 to 9.99 ApdfPanel MetersNot Required25 mA3Adafruit IndustriesDigitalLED30VDC4.5VDC48x29x21 mm
DMR35-DCMA3-DC1-RDMR35-DCMA3-DC1-RDC meter that provide precision measurements of DC currentpdfPanel MetersYes250 mA3.5Murata ManufacturingDigitalLED32VDC9VDC0 °C50 °C65 g
DMR35-DCMA2-DC1-RDMR35-DCMA2-DC1-RDC meter that provide precision measurements of DC currentpdfPanel MetersYes50 mA3.5Murata ManufacturingDigitalLED32VDC9VDC0 °C50 °C65 g
H7CX-A-N AC100-240H7CX-A-N AC100-240Industrial Automation and Controls, Panel Meter, Screw Terminal, Panel MountpdfPanel MetersUnknown6OmronDigitalLCD240VAC100VAC-10 °C55 °C110 g
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