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Data Rate
RoHS Status
Operating Systems
Frequency Range
Package Family Name
Number of Channels
Standard Package Name
Audio Test Signal
Number of Video Patterns
Signal Types
Memory Size
Display Type
Interface Type
Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Temperature
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage
Pin Count
Supplier Package
T3AFG5T3AFG5Bench Signal Generator 1uHz to 5MHz with TFT LCD DisplaypdfSignal GeneratorsYes1uHz to 5MHzRamp|Sine|Square|TriangleTeledyne LeCroyBenchTFT LCDUSB3
4005DDS4005DDS5 MHz DDS Function GeneratorpdfSignal GeneratorsYes1Hz to 5 MHzB&K PrecisionBench0 °C40 °C115VAC230VAC1
DG1022ZDG1022ZBench Signal Generator with TFT LCD DisplaypdfSignal GeneratorsYesRIGOL Technologies, IncBenchTFT LCDUSB0 °C50 °C
T3AFG80T3AFG80Bench Signal Generator 1uHz to 80MHz with TFT LCD DisplaypdfSignal GeneratorsYes1uHz to 80MHzRamp|Sine|Square|TriangleTeledyne LeCroyBenchTFT LCDUSB3
DSOX1204GDSOX1204GOscilloscope InstrumentpdfOscilloscopesNoKeysight Technologies, Inc
T3DSO1104T3DSO1104Digital Bench 4-CH RS232 InterfacepdfOscilloscopesYes4Digital100 MHzTeledyne LeCroyBenchTFT LCDRS23210 °C40 °C100VAC240VAC
DG822DG822Bench Signal Generator 1uHz to 240MHz with TFT LCD DisplaypdfSignal GeneratorsYes1uHz to 240MHzRIGOL Technologies, IncBenchTFT LCD0 °C45 °C100VAC240VAC
MSO5104MSO5104Digital Bench 4-CH USB InterfacepdfOscilloscopesYes4Digital100 MHzRIGOL Technologies, IncBenchColor LCDUSB0 °C50 °C100VAC240VAC3
MSO5074MSO5074Digital Bench 4-CH USB InterfacepdfOscilloscopesYes4Digital70 MHzRIGOL Technologies, IncBenchColor LCDUSB0 °C50 °C100VAC240VAC3
109990009109990009Handheld 15MHz to 2.7GHz Spectrum AnalyzerpdfSpectrum AnalyzersYes15MHz to 2.7GHzSeeed Technology Co.,LtdHandheldLCD
268326833.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking GeneratorpdfSpectrum AnalyzersYes9kHz to 3.2GHzB&K PrecisionBenchColor TFT LCDUSB0 °C50 °C100VAC240VAC3
109990013109990013Digital Bench USB InterfacepdfOscilloscopesYesDigital0.2 MHzSeeed Technology Co.,LtdBenchColor TFT LCDUSB
4053B4053B10 MHz Dual Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorpdfSignal GeneratorsYes1uHz to 10MHzB&K PrecisionBenchLCDGPIB/LAN/USB0 °C40 °C240VAC3
2565-MSO2565-MSODigital Bench 4-CH USB InterfacepdfOscilloscopesYes4Digital100 MHzB&K PrecisionBenchTFT LCDUSB10 °C40 °C100VAC240VAC3
T3AFG40T3AFG40Bench Signal Generator 1uHz to 40MHz with TFT LCD DisplaypdfSignal GeneratorsYes1uHz to 40MHzRamp|Sine|Square|TriangleTeledyne LeCroyBenchTFT LCDUSB3
SFG-210SFG-210Bench Signal Generator 1uHz to 10MHz with TFT LCD DisplaypdfSignal GeneratorsYes1uHz to 10MHzGlobal SpecialtiesBenchTFT LCD
4054B4054B30 MHz Dual Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorpdfSignal GeneratorsYes1uHz to 30MHzB&K PrecisionBenchLCDGPIB/LAN/USB0 °C40 °C240VAC3
109990014109990014Handheld 2.35GHz to 2.55GHz Spectrum AnalyzerpdfSpectrum AnalyzersYes2.35GHz to 2.55GHzSeeed Technology Co.,LtdHandheldLCD
109990011109990011Handheld 2.4GHz to 2.485GHz Spectrum AnalyzerpdfSpectrum AnalyzersYes2.4GHz to 2.485GHzSeeed Technology Co.,LtdHandheldLCD
2540C-MSO2540C-MSO70 MHz, 1 GSa/s 2 Channel Mixed Signal OscilloscopepdfOscilloscopesYes2Digital70 MHzB&K PrecisionBenchColor LCDRS232/USB10 °C40 °C100VAC240VAC3
T3AFG30T3AFG30Bench Signal Generator 1uHz to 30MHz with TFT LCD DisplaypdfSignal GeneratorsYes1uHz to 30MHzRamp|Sine|Square|TriangleTeledyne LeCroyBenchTFT LCDLAN/USB0 °C40 °C100VAC240VAC3
280G280GHandheld Audio/Video Tester HDMI InterfacepdfProtocol AnalyzersUnknownTeledyne LeCroy
USB-TMS2-M01-XUSB-TMS2-M01-XMercury T2 USB 2.0 Standard Analyzer SystempdfProtocol AnalyzersYesWin 7|Win 8256MBTeledyne LeCroyUSB 2.0 A|USB 2.0 B0 °C55 °C
ETHERTEST-CPETHERTEST-CPEthernet LAN Analyzer with Ethernet Com Probe Bi-Directional Network TappdfProtocol AnalyzersYesWin 7|Win 8.1|Win 10Teledyne LeCroy0 °C55 °C
4011A4011A5 MHz Function GeneratorpdfSignal GeneratorsYes0.5Hz to 5MHzB&K PrecisionBench120VAC230VAC2
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