A1 Casters & Equipment


710 West 1700 South - Salt Lake City, Utah 84104


Although our primary business is casters, we also sell hand trucks, platform trucks, dock equipment, pallet jacks, shelving, bins, totes, electric lifts and stackers and a wide variety of other material-handling products. We cover the states of Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and a portion of Idaho. We carry these brands: Akro, Albion, American Seating, B & P, Bluff, Brunswick, Caster Concepts, Colson, Darcor, Dutro, Equipto, Genie Industries, Gould, Hamilton, Harper, L.M.T. Lyon Frick Gallagher, Medcaster, Penco, Pramac Lifter, Preston, R & K, Rapid Rack, Raymond Panel Movers, Rubbermaid, Samson, Shepherd, Sico, Torbec.