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Address951 SanDisk Drive,Milpitas, CA,95035

SanDisk, a renowned brand in the digital storage industry, is widely recognized for its innovative flash memory products. Founded in 1988 by Eli Harari, Sanjay Mehrotra, and Jack Yuan, SanDisk revolutionized the storage world with its flash memory technology, quickly becoming a key player in the production of memory cards, USB flash drives, and solid-state drives (SSDs). Known for its high-quality and reliable products, SanDisk caters to a broad range of customers, including consumers, businesses, and enterprise clients. While the company is primarily known as SanDisk, it has become a part of Western Digital Corporation since 2016, further expanding its reach and capabilities in the storage market. As for its workforce, SanDisk, along with its parent company Western Digital, employs thousands of people globally, reflecting its significant presence in the tech industry. The company's customer base is vast and diverse, spanning millions worldwide, thanks to its reputation for innovation and excellence in digital storage solutions.

SanDisk is a part of Western Digital Corporation, which is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol WDC.

Recent Acquisitions by Western Digital Corporation (including SanDisk):

  • Tegile Systems (2017): Acquired by Western Digital, Tegile Systems specializes in flash and hybrid storage arrays, enhancing Western Digital's portfolio in enterprise data solutions.
  • Upthere (2017): This acquisition aimed at bolstering cloud storage services. Upthere provides a cloud-based storage platform for photos, videos, music, and documents.
  • Kazan Networks (2019): Specializing in high-performance NVMe-over-fabrics (NVMe-oF) solutions, Kazan Networks' acquisition further strengthened Western Digital's capabilities in enterprise SSDs.

These acquisitions reflect Western Digital's strategic efforts to expand its product offerings and technological capabilities in the data storage and management sector.

  • Headquarters of SanDisk:
    • SanDisk Corporation, 951 SanDisk Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035-7933, United States.

Largest Offices of SanDisk Worldwide:

  • United States (San Jose):
    • Western Digital (including SanDisk), 5601 Great Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95119, United States.
  • India (Bangalore):
    • SanDisk India Device Design Centre Pvt. Ltd., Bagmane Goldstone, Part of Bagmane Tech Park, C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore 560093, Karnataka, India.
  • China (Shanghai):
    • SanDisk Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., No. 388, Fute West 3rd Road, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Pudong New District, Shanghai 200131, China.
  • Japan (Tokyo):
    • SanDisk Japan Ltd., Midtown Tower 17th Floor, 9-7-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6217, Japan.

Manufacturing Facilities of SanDisk:

  • Shanghai, China:
    • SanDisk Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., No. 388, Fute West 3rd Road, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Pudong New District, Shanghai 200131, China.
  • Penang, Malaysia:
    • SanDisk Storage Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Plot 301A, Persiaran Cassia Selatan 3, Batu Kawan Industrial Park, 14100 Bandar Cassia, Penang, Malaysia.
  • Yokkaichi, Japan (Joint Venture with Toshiba):
    • Toshiba Corporation Yokkaichi Operations, 800 Yamanoisshiki-cho, Yokkaichi, Mie 512-8550, Japan.

These locations represent key operational hubs for SanDisk's global business, encompassing headquarters, major offices, and manufacturing facilities, reflecting the company's extensive global footprint in the digital storage industry.


SanDisk's product portfolio in the electronics industry encompasses a wide range of storage solutions, catering to various consumer and enterprise needs. Their products are primarily centered around flash memory technology and can be categorized as follows:

  • Memory Cards:

    • SD/SDHC/SDXC Cards: Widely used in digital cameras, camcorders, and other portable devices.
    • microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC Cards: Designed for use in smartphones, tablets, and action cameras.
    • CompactFlash Cards: Targeted towards professional photographers and videographers for high-performance needs.
  • USB Flash Drives:

    • Standard USB Drives: Portable storage devices for everyday use.
    • Dual USB Drives: Featuring both standard and micro-USB connectors for compatibility with computers and Android devices.
    • USB-C Drives: Designed for next-generation devices with USB-C ports.
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs):

    • Internal SSDs: For upgrading personal computers and laptops.
    • Portable SSDs: Compact and durable external storage devices for on-the-go data transfer and backup.
  • Embedded Solutions:

    • Integrated storage solutions for use in smartphones, tablets, eReaders, GPS, and other consumer electronic devices.
  • Wireless Storage:

    • Wireless Mobile Storage: Devices allowing users to wirelessly stream and share content across multiple devices.
  • Enterprise Solutions:

    • High-Endurance Storage: Designed for rigorous enterprise environments, including data centers and cloud storage systems.

This diverse product range showcases SanDisk's commitment to innovation in digital storage, catering to a broad spectrum of consumer and professional storage requirements.