Weekly Briefing

Weekly Briefing

The Weekly Briefing offers a thirty-minute deep-dive into the most compelling stories in electronics. Featuring subject matter experts from around the industry, Weekly Briefing lends elevated discourse to design engineers and tech industry professionals.It’s radio for engineers, available wherever you listen to your favorite electrical engineering and electronics podcasts.

A Call to Arm’s Version 9

This week’s podcast: Ten years ago, Arm introduced its v8 architecture of its processor cores, which turned out to be a pretty big deal. The company just revealed v9. The announcement was light on details, but details were available if you just looked for them. Tirias analyst Kevin Krewell looked for them. We talk with him about what he found. 

A Disaster Waiting to Happen | Get Up, Stand Up

This week’s podcast: Every year, the automotive industry is offering vehicles with increasingly autonomous capabilities. There is a problem in how it describes its progress that is already undermining vehicle safety. This week: the trouble with Level 3. Also, workers at an Amazon facility are voting on whether or not to unionize. A look at the nature of work in the high tech industry.

Intel Throws a Curveball | The Book on Gallium Nitride

This week’s podcast: People were wondering if Intel would finally get out of the IC manufacturing business. Instead, it’s going to broaden its manufacturing operations in a standalone foundry business. We talk with analysts Jim McGregor and Kevin Krewell, who explain the move. Also, we’ve got a new, up-to-the-minute reference guide on gallium GaN power electronics; we preview what’s in it.

Electronics at the Top of the World | The Artful Engineer

This week’s podcast: Electronics manufacturers love to call their products reliable, but are they really? One way to find out is to take them places where failure is not an option. Our guest this week is engineer and mountaineer Matt DuPuy. We talk about relying on gadgets in places that are hostile to humans and electronics alike. Also — science & art are more akin than we realize. An interview with engineer and musician Jack Weast from Intel.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

AI With Sally presents a variety of deeply technical, but concisely explained topics covering cutting-edge AI accelerator chips, software, systems, algorithms, neural networks, companies and many other subjects related to artificial intelligence and machine learning as it affects the semiconductor industry.

Artificial Intelligence: Why is Recognizing Sounds So Hard? | Brain-Inspired Chips | Graphcore Update

Artificial Intelligence: In this pilot episode of the AI podcast, we ask why is recognizing sounds so hard? Could we build an artificial brain out of chips? And what has UK startup Graphcore been up to lately?

Embedded Edge

Embedded Edge

embedded edge with Nitin is a podcast show hosted by Nitin Dahad, who talks to both engineers and executives in the embedded systems design and development industry to gain insights into the embedded systems, technologies and products featured in embedded.com.

The Future is Edge Autonomy | Domain Expertise Vital for IoT

What is the future of edge computing? It’s about edge autonomy and automated information sharing. And how do you start IoT deployment? It needs domain expertise and solution ready products. This episode explores further with embedded boards providers.

DAC 2020 preview: interest in AI, ML and RISC-V grow to new levels this year

We talk to the track chairs for this year’s virtual DAC 2020 conference to hear about some of the trending topics, especially growth in AI, ML and RISC-V

Embedded Edge: IoT Security is only as good as its weakest link

Embedded Edge podcast: Providing effective internet of things (IoT) security in new product development involves planning for more than just the hardware design – much thinking needs to be done around modeling of risks and vulnerabilities that the device might experience through the entire lifetime of the product, all the way to obsolescence. In this episode of embedded edge with Nitin, we explore issues around implementing security, understanding safety, vulnerabilities, threat modeling and a holistic ecosystem approach to planning for IoT security in product development. We also look at this in the context of connected medical device security.

Power Up

Power Up

The power electronics market has become a hotbed of innovation. Power ICs based on gallium nitride and silicon carbide are enabling new frontiers in electronic system performance in industrial automation, renewable energy, smart grids, the Internet of things, and other markets. PowerUP podcasts will connect with the world’s leading power electronics experts to explain how the technology is evolving, and what those changes means for every aspect of the industry.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Devices

The Power Up podcast: In this episode, our guest is Guy Moxey, senior director of power products at Wolfspeed, A Cree company. Guy Moxey has spent his entire career in the power semiconductor industry with various roles in applications, product marketing and product line management. We speak with him about different aspects of silicon carbide, in particular devices and packaging.

Power Conversion and Thermal Management

Power Up podcast: Our guest is Justin Kolbe of Henkel. We speak with him about different aspects of power conversion and its thermal management for different markets.

GaN Technology in RF Power

In this episode of the Power Up podcast, our guest is Simon Wood, senior director of RF product development and applications at Wolfspeed, A Cree company. During his career, Simon has designed amplifiers using silicon carbide and gallium nitride HEMT devices. We speak with him about different aspects of GaN for RF applications, as well as GaN-on-SiC and GaN HEMTs.

Yes, We GaN: Gallium Nitride and Its Role in Power ICs

On this week’s podcast, our guests are Alex Lidow, CEO of Efficient Power Conversion Corp., and Dinesh Ramanathan, co-CEO of NexGen Power Systems. We speak with both about gallium nitride technology and the market for GaN power devices.